Wireless Sleep Headphones

Wireless Sleep Headphones

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☑️ SLEEP BETTER: Ease away stress and tension and drift off to sleep faster and deeper than ever before. Improve your sleep quality, increase your energy, be more alert, and reduce daytime sleepiness with a peaceful night's rest. 

☑️ MULTI-PURPOSE: Drift off to sleep listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, ocean or rain white noise, ASMR, or guided meditations. Listen to music or TV while your partner sleeps. Relax on the train or plane. Use as sweatband for the gym, stationary bike, running, walking, or yoga.

☑️ BLOCK OUT NOISE: Sleep like a baby blocking out snoring, traffic noise, television, or any outside unwanted sounds... without uncomfortable earplugs or earphones.

☑️ COMFORTABLE: Designed for all-night comfort with ultra-thin padded flat speakers. Soft, lightweight, and breathable material stretches to comfortably fit any head size.

☑️ COMPATIBLE: Wirelessly connects with your iPhone, iPad, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device within an impressive 45-foot range.

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