Monocular iPhone TeleLens

Monocular iPhone TeleLens

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☑️ ENJOY NATURE - Ideal for watching wildlife, stargazing, sightseeing, bird watching, nature walks, hunting, or any outdoor adventures. Slips easily into your pocket or backpack.

☑️ WATCH EVENTS - Get a front-row seat to sporting events, concerts, plays, or even just sit on the sidelines watching your kids on the field.

☑️ SUPERIOR OPTICS - Capture clearer brighter images and natural colors, even in low light conditions, thanks to BAK4 Prisms and full multi-layer coated lens that provide superior contrast and excellent resolution. See for miles with precision and depth.

☑️ PORTABLE - Unlike bulky binoculars or telescopes, you can carry your compact light monocular in your coat pocket everywhere you go. Then when the moment strikes... You can watch a hummingbird sip nectar from a flower a city block away!

☑️ RUGGED DESIGN - Built to last with a scratch-resistant sure-grip protective coating, perfect for rough handling and drops. Durable construction makes it ideal for your roughest outdoor adventures.

☑️ PROTECTIVE SEAL - Fully sealed against water, dirt, fog, and other elements by a Nitrogen-Filled O-Ring to provide impressive clarity in the worst environments. Even the harshest weather won't eclipse your vision.

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