14-In-1 Kitchen Chopper, Cutter, Dicer, & Slicer

14-In-1 Kitchen Chopper, Cutter, Dicer, & Slicer

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The Ultimate Kitchen Companion!

The Pro-Series Multi Chopper & Slicer is your all-in-one kitchen tool to dice, chop, slice, julienne, grate & shred.

This 14-piece set has everything you need to prepare any meal with ease and speed. The blades are made of heavy-duty 420 stainless steel, while the body of the chopper is made from BPA-free ABS plastic.

It also comes with an ergonomic hand guard and a drain basket to easily filter vegetable water into the container.

Fast and easy to use, clean, and store - this Vegetable Chopper is sure to make food preparation easier than ever before!

Get yours today and start cooking up delicious meals in no time!


SUPER SHARP, RUST RESISTANT BLADES – The Blades of This Onion Vegetable Chopper Are Made of 420 Stainless Steel, Making Them More Durable And Keeping Them Rust Free. Built To Last. Uses Very Sharp Grade 420 Hardened Stainless Steel Blades for Chopping/Chopping Tough Vegetables and Can Cut Most Types Of Vegetables and Fruits. The Vegetable Chopper Is a Practical Kitchen Gadget. Easily Prepare Meals With Our Versatile Home and Kitchen Vegetable Chopper and More.

PREMIUM 14-IN-1 KITCHEN ACCESSORIES – Cut Your Produce Like a Pro With Our Newest Vegetable Chopper! It Includes two different-sized dicing blades, Coarse Cheese Grater, 4mm Grater, 3mm Grater, 1.5mm Slicer, 1.0mm Slicer, Wavy Slicer, Hand Protector, Peeler, and Egg Separator.

EASY TO CLEAN + WARM REMINDER – The blade is easy to disassemble, and it is convenient to clean thoroughly. Just scrape the residue on the platen and the blade with a claw and a brush. The right kitchen accessories make your life easier - that's why our vegetable slicers, dicers, and choppers are fast and easy to clean, plus all their materials are BPA-free! Do not place the blades randomly. After rinsing and drying, collect the blades in a container and keep them away from children.

IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH AND SAVES TIME – Multifunctional vegetable chopper, which can help shorten your preparation time. It may take a lot of time and effort to dice, chop and slice the ingredients of desired dishes using traditional blades. This dicer effectively reduces the time between prep and serving, making it easier to add a variety of nutrients to your family meals. This 14-piece set is destined to be a favorite of all your home kitchen tools.


Premium quality with stainless steel blades, the Pro-Series Multi Chopper & Slicer will be your new best friend in the kitchen!

With its blades, the Chopper will cut your meal preparation time in half and make cooking in the kitchen enjoyable again! Whether you are a busy mom, retired, or just tired of chopping and dicing, the Chopper’s three different-sized chopper blades and interchangeable blades for slicing, julienne, grating & shredding offer the functionality of multiple kitchen tools in one unique device. Give it a try.

Our Vegetable Chopper is made of long-lasting, impact-resistant ABS plastic, so it withstands the rigors of your busy kitchen. The six interchangeable blades are made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant stainless steel. They tackle the toughest potatoes and the crunchiest carrots without bending, and they maintain their razor-sharpness use after use.

The Vegetable chopper by lets you deftly prepare homemade breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to appease your family’s taste buds. Everything you need in one simple solution. The blades are made from heavy-duty 420 stainless steel, and the body of the chopper is made from BPA-free ABS plastic. A quick, easy and healthy solution to preparing meals.

Easy to clean
The vegetable cutter is easy to dismantle and clean. Just use the claw and brush to scrape the residue off the platen and blades. It is quick and easy to clean.

The onion chopper is ergonomically designed to prevent cuts and protect your hands when cooking with it.

Equipped with a Drain Basket
With the drainage basket design, you can filter excess vegetable water into the chopper container and quickly wash processed fruit and vegetables. Space-saving and very easy to use.

Easy to Set Up
Each different blade locks in place for extra safety whilst in use and can be changed in seconds. Go from slicing to dicing in no time!

Easy Storage Guaranteed
You can store your blades in the container of your vegetable chopper slicer. The right kitchen accessories make your life easier - keeping your blades organized, clean, and extra sharp!