Cat Scratch Furniture Guards (8 Pack)

Cat Scratch Furniture Guards (8 Pack)

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Don't Let Your Cat's Claws Ruin Your Home

Introducing our Cat Scratch Furniture Guards, the ultimate solution to protect your furniture from your furry friend's claws.

Our high-quality and flexible vinyl guards are durable and pliable, making them perfect for any type of furniture.

Whether it's a couch, chair, or carpet, these guards will prevent your cat from scratching and shredding.

What sets our furniture guards apart is their transparent and invisible protection. They seamlessly blend in with your furniture without damaging its appearance.

No more unsightly scratches on your couch or loveseat!

Forget about using pins to install the guards - our product comes with self-adhesive pads that won't puncture or ruin leather or fabric upholstery.

Say goodbye to dealing with pin holes and hello to a hassle-free installation process.

Don't let your cat's natural behavior ruin your furniture.

Protect it with our Cat Scratch Furniture Guards and enjoy a scratch-free home.


  • Durable & Flexible: Cat furniture protectors are high quality, pliable, flexible and clear vinyl. The vinyl is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture, stop cat claws from shredding your couch.
  • Transparent Invisible Protection: Furniture scratch guards blend in well with furniture and provide near invisible protection, against your cat clawing and scratching. Also it will not damage the appearance of couch.
  • Maximize Protection of Furniture: Furniture scratch guards works on any upholstered furniture. Whether it is a couch, chair, carpet or love seat, this product can protect them from cat scratch.
  • NO Pins: Others need pins to install. On the contrary, our cat scratching furniture protector has SELF-ADHESIVE PADS, won't have to puncture and ruin leather or fabric upholstery, it won't leave any pin holes.


1. Clean surface, The dirty and dusty especially cat hair will weaken the stickiness of the pads.
2. Tear off the Self-Adhesive pad carefully, keep the Transparent adhesive pads away from others.
3. Aim place you want, stick and press pads from top to bottom, try to squeeze out bubble (like you are putting a screen protector on your phone) contact every area.

8x Cat sofa anti-Scratching Stickers