Pocket Reel Emergency Fishing Kit

Pocket Reel Emergency Fishing Kit

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The Pocket Reel is the most reliable survival pocket fishing kit you can buy. With no moving parts and extra gear stored inside the kit it will always be ready to go and if something should fail, lost lure, or broken line, you have extras.

The size 5" x 1" and weight of just 2.5oz, the Pocket Reel is perfect for a survival kit, camping or canoe trip, glovebox, bug out bag, or a simple trip to the lake.

Its secure design allows it to be used and abused without the worry of affecting its use.  They are made from very thick plastic and are extremely durable.  you can toss this kit anywhere and just forget about it.  they can be stepped on, thrown, dropped and they will not break.  They have zero flex to them and in testing, I threw an assembled kit out of my 2nd story office window onto my driveway and it just bounced.  In a survival situation, you want ROCK SOLID gear.  you don't want your line wrapped around a soda can or some cheap flimsy tube that can buckle under the weight of your catch or even something that could be crushed, dented, or damaged in your pack. 

You also want REDUNDANCY.  The pocket reel not only allows the usage of the line on the kit but also supplies you with a complete refill of brand new line stored inside

They will also float if dropped in the water.  they use standard 20OZ/1L/2L soda bottle caps so if you want to make the kit 100% waterproof replace the supplied cap with any soda bottle cap.  This also ensures the kit will NEVER open when not needed so you won't lose or drop any of your gear.

Fish anywhere with this lightweight pocket fishing kit - kit only weighs 2.5 oz - perfect for backpackers, camping/fishing trips, or a BOB. Comes completely stocked and ready to use as soon as you get it.

Very simple to use. You just remove the ranger band/heavy-duty rubber covering the line on the tube, tie on your favorite lure, or baited hook and bobber. Put your hand into the lanyard - so the kit doesn't slip out of your hand when casting - place your thumb on the fishing line and make a motion like you are skipping a stone across a pond. When your arm is extended, release your thumb and the line will cast. hold onto the line and wrap back around the tube to reel in. Almost as simple as using a normal fishing reel. With a few practice casts, you can use spinner lures by casting, reeling in, and recasting your line.

I only use Sunline brand Supernatural Monofilament fishing line.  This line has been UV treated and has low memory to resist kinks and curling for easier casting and retrieving.  

I don't recommend spiderwire/braided line - It binds up on itself when wrapped on the tube and greatly affects the casting distance.  I tested it, didn't like it, so I only use a high-quality monofilament line which casts about 4x further.  braided line, while it might sound better, really isn't.  wrapping the line around the tube binds the braids to each other and the line simply won't cast off the kit reliably. 

4 #8 fishing hooks
4 sinkers
5ml plastic vial for hook/sinker storage
knot guide with directions
60' spool of 12lb extra fishing line
60' 12lb fishing line on the kit - 120' total, 60 on the kit and 60 on a spool inside the kit
jumbo test tube bottle preform which acts as a storage tube and reel
2 spinner lures
crappie/panfish jig

The kit works best off a dock, boat, bridge, in ankle-deep water, from a beach, or a clear bank. You want to avoid using it in heavy grass/reeds or with surface debris as you will drag your line/lure through whatever is in front of you.

To add more distance to your cast add an additional sinker(s) to your line.

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