TV Home Theater Sound Bar (With Bluetooth Wireless)

TV Home Theater Sound Bar (With Bluetooth Wireless)

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Powerful TV Sound Bar Home Theater Subwoofer Soundbar with Bluetooth Wireless

Excellent Sound Performance: The 34” powerful soundbar for TV, with 4 full range and 2 diaphragm blast the bass for more immersive audio, delivers full, rich, and realistic sounds that feel much more natural to your ears and immerse you in your entertainment with minimal static noise and distortion. 

Wired and Wireless Connection: Stream TV, cellphone, and tablet audio via Bluetooth pairing from up to 33 feet effective distance connect to TV, DVD  player, projector, MP3, PC, laptop, etc via line-in, RCA, or optical with the included cables.

Remote Control: Playback settings can be conveniently adjusted via either the buttons on the Bluetooth soundbar or by using the remote control, just sitting on the sofa and enjoy the amazing music or movie.

Easy To Setup: The TV soundbar can be placed horizontally on the TV cabinet or mounted on the wall for an elegant setup that reduces clutter and saves space.  No matter where you choose to place it, the rich clear sound will reach the entire room.

Ultra Slim, Sleek Sound Bar: Most attractive designs, the Sound Bar packs 40 watts of powerful sound in an ultra-slim, proportionally elongated build. Whether you set it on the furniture below the screen or mount it onto the wall, the soundbar will match your TV's design and amplify its audio.

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