Vintage Gramophone Player 78 rpm Phonograph

Vintage Gramophone Player 78 rpm Phonograph

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This will make a great feature for any room and a fantastic present 

Our Classic Working Replica Gramophone measures 27 inches in height x 15 inches L x 15 inches W.

The Diameter of the Horn is 14 inches.

Gramophone attached to solid seasoned square wood base. 

Although this is designed for display, these do actually play 78 RPM Records, just like the real thing.

(Please remember that any 78 that you have of any value should be played on a modern piece of equipment to avoid the  wear of your record)

The Gramophone has many authentic marks, just as the real item would have being over 80 years old.

The Horn's aged design includes a few imperfections, but again this is part of the aged design to make it look like an old Gramophone.

Hand crank, just like the original Gramophones played without electricity.

The package includes Gramophone Turntable, Brass Horn, Sound Box, Several Needles, an Arm, and Winding Handle.

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